We are excited to offer you an opportunity to run a workshop around social pedagogy utilising your background and experience. We encourage those who have or are currently working on research/projects around social pedagogy to submit a workshop proposal at our inaugural conference. Please see further information below.

A. Requirements

Categories/ themes

Social pedagogy in the UK is often associated with more effective, relationship centred, children’s social care, based in theory and concerned with the whole child as well as caring and learning for carers and staff. Social pedagogy is an educational approach to social problems, so it is not just about meaningful and respectful relationships, important as they are. Social pedagogy is also about development of the whole person, in families, institutions and communities. It is about realising potential, often in small steps, but with wide horizons.

We  welcome workshop proposals involving social pedagogy from diverse backgrounds and work settings across the lifespan.

Workshop size and length of delivery
Depending on the number of workshops we may need to cluster into themed sessions. Please supply up to five keywords that best describe your workshop. You should aim to plan a workshop for 15-20 -people which will run for a maximum of one hour.

B. Submission of a workshop proposal for the SPPA Team’s consideration

Please download and fill out the SPPA conference workshop proposal form (Word) and send by email to the SPPA Team at sppa@ucl.ac.uk no later than 7th July 2017.

C. Notification

You will be notified on 21st July 2017 if we are able to offer you the opportunity to run a workshop at the SPPA conference.

D. Review criteria

The SPPA conference team will review all workshop proposals submitted based on the criteria below.

We are looking for high quality workshops that inspire and enlighten members. We are particularly interested in workshop proposals that:

  1. Clearly outline what you want to achieve in the workshop and how you will do it, demonstrating any learning so far including implementation experiences and any opportunities for experiential learning
  2. Offer a mix of theory and practice
  3. Show potential to enthuse participants about new skills, perspectives and/or knowledge that will help improve social pedagogic practice
  4.  Showcase social pedagogic projects from around the UK and abroad
  5. As well as workshops relating to looked-after children, the conference team encourages applications based on other settings or provision

E. Running your workshop at the conference

If your workshop proposal is successful, we will let you know your time slot in advance.

We will also ask you to confirm with us your room layout (although there needs to be flexibility on this as some rooms need to be a certain layout to accommodate the number of people), audiovisual requirements etc.

On the day of the conference, please arrive no later than 30 minutes before your workshop starts. Let the registration desk know that you are a workshop organiser/presenter so that they can point you to the right direction.

Staff will be on hand on the day to assist you with setting up and preparing for your workshop.

F. Questions and clarifications

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email to sppa@ucl.ac.uk or by phone 020 7612 6954.