Parallel Sessions 11:00 - 12:00

Workshop 1 – Opening Mary Poppins’ bag

Speakers: Dr. Amanda Orchard and Libby Thornhill

An introduction to how establishing a social pedagogic learning environment in the home can support young people in developing their reading skills. This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in practical approaches, learning examples and hear about successes achieved with children in foster care.

Workshop 2 – Scandinavian flavours of social pedagogy and education ‘Only milk and honey? Taking a closer look at Nordic pedagogy (including special and social) ‘
Speakers: Thure Johansen and Soulmaz Bashirinia

This workshop will outline some of the key characteristics and contemporary discussions within the social pedagogy workforce in the Nordic region, including leadership, and policy culture, focusing on Finland, Norway and the presenters’ native countries, Sweden and Denmark.

Workshop 3 – Head, Heart and Hands: relationship-based work with older people 

Speakers: Prof Pat Petrie and Rob Hunter

The workshop will look at the potential contribution of social pedagogy, in theory and practice, for work with older people, describe a European example and explore any desirable or necessary first steps for England.  

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 12:00 - 13:00


Facilitated by Cecile Remy 

Did you ever wonder how education, and more specifically learning, relates to social pedagogy? Social pedagogy is “education in its broadest sense”, with care and education intimately linked. In current pedagogical practice in the UK, there’s a tendency to emphasise “care”, which may sometimes lead us to overlook education.  To give education due “care” and attention, it would be interesting to discuss how learning takes place in pedagogical practice and what the specific questions are and dilemmas that arise from it.


Facilitated by Prof Pat Petrie

A hands-on workshop for people working across the range of social pedagogy services and for arts practitioners. Sharing experience, theory and creativity, we’ll explore the potential of the arts for social pedagogy and how the two fields relate.

Information and discussion about doing social pedagogy qualifications

Speakers: Abby Ladbrooke and Manuel Kaska

This workshop is an opportunity for people to learn more about the Crossfields Level 3 and Level 5 diplomas in Social Pedagogy. There will also be information available on bachelor and Masters programmes and PhD opportunities in social pedagogy.

Developing a Project Bank

Speaker: Prof Claire Cameron 

Have you ever wondered what was going on in social pedagogy projects in another part of the country? Have you ever wanted to take part in a project but not known where to start? Have you ever wanted participants but not known where to find them? Come along to the project bank workshop!

Parallel Sessions 14:00 - 15:00

Workshop 3 – Going back to a new way of doing 

Speaker: Lowis Charfe  and Ali Gardner

This workshop will look into how social pedagogy links into to social work practice and the practical benefits of applying. It will explore practice across the life-course including the adult sector in relation to the Care Act 2014. The speakers will be talking about how students on the social work degree at University of Central Lancashire used social pedagogy as part of their practice in their final third year placement.

Workshop 2 – The relational universe of a child in care 

Speakers: Anthony Moorcroft and Andy Carter

The importance of positive relationships for children and young people in care is clear, however the ‘how, who and when’ is often driven by real and perceived barriers, resources and professional roles.  Many children in care have lost their relationships in communities and once they leave care will often attempt to return to them. To identify these relationships early is crucial to nurturing them and establishing a supportive emotional and social network for when they do leave. This workshop explores what this universe is, who is in it and how it can be cultivated using a social pedagogical approach.

Workshop 3 – A social pedagogy approach to organisational change

Speaker: Janet Grauberg

Social pedagogy is developing in the UK as a relationship-based approach to working with children and young people, and increasingly other groups of people. We hear stories of how relationships are transformed, outcomes are improved and staff are motivated to give of their best.

But we also hear how the organisations in which we work are not aligned to social pedagogy approaches, how they focus on risk rather than opportunity, process rather than people, and planning rather than transformational change.

This workshop will consider ways of thinking about organisations, their routines such as business planning, strategic planning and organisational restructuring, that go with the grain of social pedagogy, and help to create the conditions in which relationship based approaches can thrive.