SPPA is supporting the development of qualifications including two diplomas in social pedagogy – at Level 3 and Level 5 in England (and equivalent Levels in other UK countries). These are currently being delivered by Jacaranda and ThemPra.

Why learn about social pedagogy?

Social pedagogy connects care and education through relationship-centred practice. Its central idea is that each person has inherent potential, is valuable, resourceful and can make a meaningful contribution to their wider community if we find ways of including them. The objective in social pedagogical practice is to create the conditions in which people can thrive and unfold their unique potential. Social pedagogues and social pedagogy practitioners are able to form warm and authentic professional relationships that make a genuine difference to the lives of the people they work with and address social inequality through educational means.

What social pedagogy qualifications are available?

Through the Scaling up Social Pedagogy Project (SUSP) at UCL SPPA Standards for Education and Training are now available to define and quality assure what we expect of all learning programmes in social pedagogy.

At present, the following qualifications are endorsed by SPPA as meeting these standards:

  • Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy
  • Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in Social Pedagogy

Other learning providers including universities and colleges are in the process of seeking SPPA endorsement or may do so in the future. Please see relevant webpages of social pedagogy course providers, such as:


We welcome applications from other education providers who want to have their learning programmes endorsed. Please contact sppa@ucl.ac.uk for further details.


*Please note that the qualification is not affiliated with UCL. For further information on this qualification, please read Jacaranda and ThemPra’s Terms and Conditions.