As part of your membership benefits, you’re encouraged to join a Special Interest Group (SIG). These are self-organised groups to take forward learning and development that is aligned to the goals of SPPA. All SIGs are expected to uphold the values and principles of SPPA as outlined in the SPPA Charter.

Programme and activities

The SIGs will be encouraged to have an annual plan of activities that they define as important for them. This might include, for example, defining their specialist area from a social pedagogical perspective, collation of resources for the SPPA website, planning and carrying out jointly formulated research or development projects, reading group that produces book reviews, setting up debates on particular issues, running focused learning days, developing training etc. They report this programme to SPPA and publish it on the website so other members can see what is happening.

Benefits of being part of a SIG

  • connect with like minded people from across the UK
  • achieve a higher profile than could be achieved working outside SPPA
  • extend your reach beyond the UK
  • access opportunities to develop a ‘quality standard’ such as a kite mark for particular areas of practice
  • benefit from support from SPPA team including space on the SPPA website to showcase SIG work and store resources for members, facilitate members’ webinars, holding contact details and a database for members.

If you are interested in starting your own SIG, or want support from the SPPA team to connect with other members with a similar interest to start discussions, email