SPPA encourages its members to start or engage in a special interest group related to social pedagogy. See further details below.

Learning Special Interest Group
Lead: Cecile Remy, SPPA Member

Did you ever wonder how education, and more specifically learning, relates to social pedagogy? Social pedagogy is “education in its broadest sense”, with care and education intimately linked. In current pedagogical practice in the UK, I see a tendency to emphasise “care”, which may sometimes lead us to overlook education.  To give education due “care” and attention, I would really be interested in discussing how learning takes place in pedagogical practice and what are the specific questions and dilemmas that arise from it.

The Social Pedagogy Charter alludes to a specific kind of learning, which we could use as the basis for discussion. Two paragraphs are especially relevant:
Item 4 – We believe in walking alongside others, recognising their uniqueness and, with them, co-creating meaning and purpose.
Item 8 – We value creative and playful approaches to lifelong learning that are theoretically informed, risk sensible and draw on people’s potential.”

This SIG could meet 3 or 4 times per year, online, and discuss specific themes connected to learning, using our daily practice as the basis for discussion and linking it with texts, films or pieces of art to stretch ourselves and reflect on our work. Some preparatory study may be useful in between meetings to facilitate discussion.

There will also be a learning SIG at the SPPA conference on 6th October 2017. If you are interested in participating in the Learning SIG, email sppa@ucl.ac.uk and the SPPA team will put you in touch with Cecile.



Join or start a SPPA Special Interest Group

As part of your membership benefits, you’re encouraged to join a Special Interest Group (SIG). These are self-organised groups to take forward learning and development that is aligned to the goals of SPPA. All SIGs are expected to uphold the values and principles of SPPA as outlined in the SPPA Charter.

Programme and activities

The SIGs will be encouraged to have an annual plan of activities that they define as important for them. This might include, for example, defining their specialist area from a social pedagogical perspective, collation of resources for the SPPA website, planning and carrying out jointly formulated research or development projects, reading group that produces book reviews, setting up debates on particular issues, running focused learning days, developing training etc. They report this programme to SPPA and publish it on the website so other members can see what is happening.

Benefits of being part of a SIG

  • connect with like minded people from across the UK
  • achieve a higher profile than could be achieved working outside SPPA
  • extend your reach beyond the UK
  • access opportunities to develop a ‘quality standard’ such as a kite mark for particular areas of practice
  • benefit from support from SPPA team including space on the SPPA website to showcase SIG work and store resources for members, facilitate members’ webinars, holding contact details and a database for members.

If you are interested in starting your own SIG, or want support from the SPPA team to connect with other members with a similar interest to start discussions, email sppa@ucl.ac.uk.